Buying Gold Coins As A Long Term Investment

Now you may ask why rare gold coins instead of say gold bars? After all, gold bars are cheaper to buy than gold coins! True, but the appreciation potential of gold coins in a bull market is far better than gold bars. It’s also easier to sell gold coins than bars, and to receive a higher price for them.

You’ve already seen the types of appreciation that our secret gold has brought over various stages in history. But before you dip your toes into the rare coin market you should be aware of the highly important considerations set out in this document. Here, you’ll discover the most important factors that you must be aware of when investing in gold coins. This simple yet powerful information could well decide how your gold portfolio performs – because not all gold coins are made equally…and their value and potential appreciation can vary

wildly based on many factors. After we discuss the major points of successfully investing in the gold coin market we’ll look at some of the most valuable rare coins that could grace your portfolio.

So why certain rare gold coins?

1. Because the pedigree gold coins we’re going to talk about are a form of pure gold. This sounds obvious, but these coins will rise as the base value of gold as a commodity rises. And as we have seen, the likelihood of this to happen in the short/medium term is very high.

2. These rare gold coins not only give you a superb vehicle for owning GOLD but they have a sub- market within gold. The collectors market is huge – and this means that as the gold prices rise, so does the rare coin market.

3. The specific gold coins we’ll disclose in this guide are the ones that should in our opinion perform the best within any market condition – when choosing gold coins you should ensure that they have a high popularity (if the coin has been in great demand in the past you can almost guarantee that it will continue to experience demand in the future). There should also be a large market that will potentially buy the gold coins – owning a coin that cannot be readily sold can have serious problems for the coin holder in getting a fair price when the time comes to take profits.

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