Buying Gold Coins On Ebay

Yet another interesting source to obtain gold coins is via eBay. This is an online auction site (the biggest in the world by far) and has millions of registered users selling practically everything you can imagine.

EBay has a dedicated coin category and you have an excellent opportunity to invest in gold from this source. For example, at the time of writing there were a number of gold coins listed for sale on eBay:

- 24 British Gold Sovereign
- 208 St Gaudens
- 7 Swiss Gold
- 5 Texas Commemorative Half Dollar
- 22 South African Krugerrands

And literally hundreds more gold coins.

Beware Of “Dodgy Dealers” Lurking On eBay – On the whole, eBay is a great place to buy and sell just about anything (including coins). However, before investing in any gold coins on eBay you must perform the simple following checks:

First, See what the “sellers feedback” is like – eBay allows all buyers to rate their buying experience. They are able to rate all sellers they buy from and insert comments for all the eBay community to see. This means that “cheats” and rip off merchants are soon exposed for what they are. Before buying any gold coins from a seller you should always check their feedback. You can do this by going into the details of the coin.

Second – drop the seller an email and ask him about the coin and it’s characteristics. A lot of information will have been given in the listing description but you may wish to ask additional questions such as the grade given or anything else that the listing may have left out. Not all sellers on eBay will be experts (in fact some may have no knowledge on gold coins at all) – you can certainly use this to your advantage.

Look Out For New Gold Coins – The United States Mint commented in 2005 that the 24-karat gold coin market is worth $2.4 billion. They also released the countrys first 99.99% pure 24 karat gold coin – never to be circulated and available only to gold investors and coin collectors. The coin was produced because the mint understands both the general direction of gold prices as well as the underlying demand for “secret gold” – quality gold coins.

Often, you can pick up a new gold coin issue such as this – new coins are produced from time to time and if the gold content is good and other “valuation” aspects discussed in this book are right then it’s a great chance to capitalize on the strengthening gold price.

You can also find rare old gold coins from visiting various antique dealers and general antique shops. In some exceptional cases you can also find old gold coins in places such as flea markets and general antique exhibitions. Many people just aren’t tuned into how valuable gold coins are about to become – and many may not even know that the gold coin they’ll let go for $50 is a genuine St Gauden in mint condition.

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