6 Key Rules To Buying Rare Gold Coins

rare gold coins

Rare Gold Coin

Rare Gold Coins – The Key Rules To Buying

Buying rare gold coins can be a good way of investing in gold. However, you need to follow 6 key rules if you are going to go down this path.

These rules are summarized below:

Rule 1 – You Must Know Which Gold Coins To Buy

Gold coins can be segregated into various types; for example there are standard gold bullion coins and then there are rare collectible coins. The standard bullion coins sell for more or less their base gold value. Rare collectible coins can fetch a hefty premium to their base value.

You’re unlikely to find absolute bargains in the coin market (i.e. coins that you can resell for instant and huge gains) – but when the price of gold is increasing you can be sure the value of your rare gold coins will also increase.

Rule 2– You Must NEVER Be Attached To Your Coins - They Are Investments And You Should Sell When The Conditions Are Right

You must remember that you are an investor and you are in this to make money. You must have no emotional attachment to your rare gold coins. This means that when you make your target gains, you should be prepared to sell without hesitation.

One of the biggest reasons many people are bad at investing is that they are emotionally attached to their investments and succumb to the forces of fear and greed. Remember that no bull market lasts forever – you can typically know when a bull market is at it’s height when the average person knows something about it (and when it’s being discussed at dinner parties). THIS is more of an indication to sell and take profits while the last minute mob buy into what they believe to be a sure thing.

Keep tuned to what experts are saying about the movement of the gold price.

Rule 3 – Get A Guarantee For The Value Of Your Rare Gold Coins

Rare gold coins can be expensive. When you buy a gold coin via a dealer try and obtain a price guarantee – this is a specific value guarantee that the dealer places on your coin.

On the flip-side beware of shady guarantees that some dealers may make in order to sucker inexperienced buyers to purchase their coins – typically this would be something like a 10% to 20% premium buy back guarantee. Such claims are more than likely to be fraudulent.

Rule 4 – Cream Rises To The Top…Quality Coins Will Soar In A Booming Gold Market Better Than Average Ones

All ships rise with the tide – gold coins will always rise in value as their underlying gold value increases. However, the truly magnificent and rare coins will increase in value even more than the sub-standard ones. As you would expect, it’s also easier to sell the coins with the best pedigree in any market condition.

Remember this rule when making your purchase.

Rule 5 – Understand The Grading & Evaluation Process

Education and experience are two tools that will give you a strong advantage in the rare gold coin market. Don’t be afraid to learn as much as you possibly can about grading & evaluating rare coins. It may take some time to understand how to do this, but it’s a highly potent skill to have.

Further, educate yourself on the potential of as wide a variety of gold coins as possible. This will make it much easier for you to spot a rare gold coin bargain as soon as you see it.

It may surprise you to learn that a lot of rare gold coin dealers aren’t as educated about the market & products as you may think.

If you already have an inventory of gold coins, you can get them independently graded if you wish – it can be well worth the expense & effort if the coins get a valuable grading.

Rule 6 – You’re In This To Make MONEY. Watch Gold Prices & The Likely Market Movements Like A Hawk

Following Rule 2, you should be on the lookout for the optimum time to sell your rare gold coins. You’re holding gold coins for one reason only – to make MONEY. As the gold market rises you should consider at what point you want to take your profits.

What are the experts saying about the short and medium term gold movements? Watch the gold movement like a hawk and never be afraid of taking your profits. While there is security in the knowledge that rare gold coins will always have a long term value you should not let this distract from your ability to take quick profits.

Learn More About Rare Gold Coins

Now that you have an understanding of the fundamental rules you need to follow before investing in gold coins, let’s look at the different types of rare gold coins available and their composition. The above rules will hold you in good stead when it comes to owning rare and valuable gold coins. Remember, that gold coins can be acquired for a relatively modest outlay so most people have the ability to acquire them and benefit from their gains.

As you learn more about gold coins you’ll become more expert in identifying the best opportunities in the gold coin market. You’ll learn that the rarer coins in rare circulation represent your best opportunities. You can go to the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) and Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) to see which coins have the lowest survival rates.

You’ll be able to identify coins that fall under a particular collection (these increase their value) or that are especially rare gold coins.

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