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Gold has been a sensational wealth generator for over two thousand years. Some of the wealthiest families in the world, such as the Rothschilds owe their vast fortunes to gold. Whether you’re interested in investing in gold safely, or you want to sell your gold for cash – you’ve come to the right place.

Gold is the only commodity that has remained valuable throughout human history. We invite you to learn more about the incredible story of gold, and how it may help you to achieve wealth.


How To Extract Gold From Old Computer Parts

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It may sound incredible – but all those old computers, are a source of pure GOLD. And you can retrieve the gold when you know how.

Here is a basic overview on how to do this:

1. Find a computer that is no longer being used. Sometimes, dumps can be a good source of getting old used computers.

2. In the motherboard, find the processor. You will usually need to unscrew the case of the computer to get to the motherboard.

3. If you’re unaware of what a processor looks like, it is a square looking item with pin-like structures protruding from it.

4. In a clean glass beaker that is washed into a fumed hood, ensuring the vented fumes are released into a safe area. Have buffer solution available.

5. Wear protective clothing at all times – place the processor into the glass beaker and then add nitric acid to the muriactic acid. Be careful of fumes and reactions at all times.

6. Over a couple of days, the non gold will be eroded away until you are left with only GOLD in your beaker.

7. Remove the gold, and wash it.

Remember, as you are using acid, you must ensure that you take precautions at all times for your safety!