Sell Scrap Gold From Old Computer Parts To Make Money

Sell Scrap Gold – Make Some Money From Old Computers

sell scrap gold

Sell Scrap Gold From Old Computer Parts

Here is a fast way of making money by selling scrap gold.

It is incredible, but people throw away gold every single day. When you see old computers being disposed of, they are throwing away pure gold!  There is gold inside the computer that can be sold for money! And you can retrieve and sell the scrap gold when you know how.

1. Find a source of old pentium and other PCs that are about to be scrapped

Find a computer that is no longer being used. Sometimes, dumps can be a good place to find old disgarded computers. You could also offer a removal service where you offer to take away peoples old PCs for free. Most people just want to get rid of their old PCs. You can advertise your computer removal service in a local paper.

2. Pentium PCs have gold or gold plated parts

This is the method for retrieving gold from the old computer:

  • In the motherboard, find the processor. You will usually need to unscrew the case of the computer to get to the motherboard. If you are unaware  what a processor looks like, it is a square looking item with pin-like structures protruding from it.
  • Wear protective clothing at all times.
  • Prepare a clean glass beaker that has been well washed in a fumed hood, ensuring the vented fumes are released into a safe area. Add muriactic acid.
  • Have buffer solution available.
  • Remove the processor from the motherboard.
  • Place the processor into the glass beaker and then add nitric acid to the muriactic acid.
  • Be careful of fumes and reactions at all times.
  • Over a couple of days, the non gold will be eroded away until you are left with only GOLD in your beaker.
  • Remove the gold, and wash it.
  • Remember, as you are using acid, you must ensure that you take precautions at all times for your safety!

3. Make a list of local refineries to sell scrap gold

Contact them, and tell them you have a source of scrap gold available.  Ask them about their prices and any minimum quantity requirements.

4. Sell your scrap gold to the highest offer

Sell your scrap gold to the highest offer! You can also sell the remaining parts to other metal refineries.

So if you are in need of some extra cash, why not have a look at this and sell scrap gold. There are thousands of old computers lying around at dumps, in people’s sheds, at offices and warehouses. Just look around, offer to save them the hassles of disposing of them and extract the gold yourself.

You could have a nice little business when you learn how to sell scrap gold you extracted from old computer parts.


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How To Sell Your Gold Jewelry Safely For Money

If you need to raise a substantial amount of money quickly, one way to do it is to sell any gold jewelry you may have. Gold is always a valuable asset to have, but you need to be sensible and know the facts when selling your gold jewelry.

I’m sure you have seen a lot of adverts on TV that scream “WE BUY YOUR GOLD JEWELRY” – just because they come on tv does not make them the best source to sell your gold to. You must educate yourself about the basics of gold, so that you extract the best possible price for your gold jewelry.

Here is how you can make sure you get maximum returns for your gold jewelry:

Educate yourself about gold. Some basics:

1. 24k is the highest form of gold, but the highest form of gold jewelry tends to be 22K. As the Ks go down, so does the actual gold content. For example, 18K is 75% gold and 14K is 58% gold. The remainder of the percentage in lower forms of K are a mix of copper and other metals mixed in with the gold. The lowest form of gold is 10K (about 42% purity).

2. Clearly, the higher the K of the gold, the more valuable your gold jewelry is going to be.

3. You must be able to know the existing price of gold. The value is quoted per ounce and changes on a daily basis. You can find the gold price free online by using a site like Yahoo Fiance (simply search for daily gold price)

In terms of actually selling your gold, if you do opt for one of the “we buy your gold” companies, try and research a few of them before buying. Then go with the company that offers you the most. Many of the companies will actually provide you with free insured envelopes with a no obligation policy. Make sure this is the case before sending your gold to them. Also, phone the company and ask them questions – for example are they a legal company listed on companies house, and how long have they been in trading are important questions.