Some “Golden” Facts About Gold

1. Gold has been valuable for centuries, and their historical introduction as a unit of currency was believed to have been during the rule of King Croesus in and around 550BC.

2. Throughout history, gold has been written off by “experts” who have again and again got it wrong. In fact, in recent times the strength of gold tends to be linked with global economic and political turbulence. During times of global recession and war, gold tends to perform well. Generally, the economy performs in cycles, so you can normally tell the future direction of the gold price by seeing the state of the world economy.

3. One of the biggest reasons that gold has always retained it’s high value is the rarity factor – consider this incredible fact…the world creates more steel in an HOUR than it has mined gold throughout history.

4. Gold is one of the most pliable materials in the world, with one ounce capable of stretching over 50 miles.

5. In the 1500s Europeans used to put gold in liquor.

6. While gold as a currency may have been around since 550BC, gold bars were first thought to have been produced as far back as 4000 BC

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