Some Rare Gold Coins That Can Make Good Investments

For gold coins to be valuable in the long run, they should be fairly popular, actively traded and have had a distinguished past (where they have been in demand). The gold composition of the coin will be important along with the relevant grading.

Here are some gold coins that the experts believe can be good gold investments:

Coin Name: $20 St Gaudens
Description: One of the worlds most popular & well regarded coins. Used as actual moneyin the United States until the infamous coin for cash exchange in 1933.  Most likely to hold it’s value during poormarkets and soar during bullish markets. Many of these coins are graded Mint State 65 or better.
Coin Name: British Gold Sovereigns
Description: In the world of rare coins, British Gold Sovereign make up some of the worlds “most wanted” list.
Types: Queens -  (minted 1893 to 1901)
Kings – Edward VII (minted 1902 to 1910)
Kings – Canada Mint (minted 1911 to 1919)
Kings – India Mint (minted 1918)
Kings – George V (minted 1911 to 1935)
Coin Name: Texas Commemorative Half Dollar
Description: The popularity & scarcity of this coin makes it a fine addition to any investment portfolio. The coins were minted between 1934 and 1938 and it’s estimated that 30% of the issued coins no longer exist.
Coin Name: German Gold 20 Marks
Kaiser Wilhelm II Military Bust (minted 1913-1915)
Kaiser Wilhelm II (minted 1888 to 1912)
Description: Due to the scarcity of these coins they tend to fetch very good prices.
Coin Name: French 20 Gold Francs
Types :
Emperor Napoleon I (minted 1809 to 1815)
Lucky Angels (minted 1871 to 1898)
Roosters (minted 1899 to 1914)

These are some of the best french coins to hold gold deposits in. The Angel is far more scarce than the Rooster but tend to be available at the same price so holding this particular french coin can be a good addition to any gold portfolio.
Coin Name: South African Krugerrands
Description: These South African coins have had a turbulent history and were at one time banned from the U.S. – now, they are one of the most popular gold coins traded and over 42 million of these coins have been minted, mostly between 1967 to the mid 1980’s to cope with increasing demand for gold. This is one of the best ways to own gold in coin form because they are quite readily available but are relatively inexpensive.
Coin Name: Indian Head Eagle
Description: Minted in the early 19th century, the Indian Head Eagle coin is regarded as one of the U.S. most elegant coins. Given their relative scarcity and collectibility factor these coins tend to be rather pricey but the mint stateof these coins are typically high and thus will grow very well in value.
Coin Type: Canadian Maple Leaf
Description: This is one of the purest forms of gold coins with each coin providing an almost 100% gold composition. As such, the Canadian Maple Leaf coin is one of the best ways of investing in gold and gold coins. It’s also possible to purchase the maple leaf for practically the base gold price (the premium on these coins is far less than with other coins).
Coin Type: Swiss Gold 20 Francs
Description: The “Helvetias” were minted between 1897 to 1949 and are considered by many experts to be among the best pedigree coins available within Europe.
Coin Type: Capped Bust Eagle
Description: It’s estimated that there are no more than 65,000 of these coins in circulation, and aside from their gold content they are a favourite with many coin collectors.
Coin Type: US Gold Coins Dating Pre 1834
Description: In 1834 a lot of then existing gold coins were melted down. This makes any well preserved gold coins from prior to this date extremely valuable.
Coin Type: Australian Kangaroo
Description: The Australian Kangaroo was initially minted in 1989 and is still being produced to date. It’s known for its high gold content & is considered a leading gold coin to buy/sell.
Coin Type: Chinese Panda
Description: First minted in 1982 and still being produced, the Panda is a 24 karat gold coin well regarded by coin collectors.

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