The Grading & Composition Of Gold Coins

This is important, because it will help you understand the true value of your gold coin investments.

Coin grading has become a requirement in the rare coins market simply because of it’s popularity with non-professionals. The rare coin market has exploded in recent times and with it came the need to verify (or grade) the quality of various coins.

Consequently, the process of official grading came about.

One of the most reputed grading services available is the PCGS (www.pcgs.com) or Professional Coin Grading Service.

Here are the main stages of the grading process:

1. The coin is checked for authenticity. It’s also checked to ensure it is unaltered.

2. If the coin is authentic and unaltered the grading experts will assign a “grade” to the coin. Several of the coins characteristics are taken into account when coming up with a grade including toning, marking, luster and general appearance.

3. The grading number is assigned (between 1 to 70). 70 is the highest (best) grade of coin available.

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