Where To Buy Gold Coins For Investment

Investing in gold coins can be an expensive affair. Depending on the type and condition of the coin you may be required to invest several hundred to several thousand dollars so it’s worth knowing the best places to buy gold coins (and how to avoid being ripped off).

Coin Dealers
One obvious and reliable way of buying pedigree coins for investment is through a reliable coin dealer. Note that it can be risky using the first dealer you come over in Google!

The question is how do you know that a coin dealer is reputable? Here are some traits to look out for before doing business with any coin dealer:

1. How Long Has The Dealer Been Around For – Here, you’re looking for some evidence that the dealer is experienced and has been in business for a relatively long amount of time. An experienced dealer is more likely to be “on the ball” and length of time indicates that they wont suddenly close shop and scarper (in case you’re sold a donkey).

2. Is The Coin Dealer Recommended By His Peers Or Fellow Coin Investors? It’s always reassuring to do business with a dealer that is well respected and comes recommended by fellow dealers and investors. It significantly reduces your chances of going through an unethical or dishonest coin dealer.

The PCGS website has a listing of authorized dealers. Visit the below site and choose the Authorized Dealers link.


Or, you can choose to use the PNG dealer directory:


Rare Coin Trade Shows:

You can also discover more information about gold coins by visiting special seminars and exhibitions that tend to specialize in gold and rare coins. There is often a tremendous amount of information available in these shows and they can be a great way of learning more about rare gold coins and finding reliable contacts and dealers.

In the past, the coin market has had a dirty reputation because of sleazy agents and salesmen mis- selling coins for 50% to 500% over their market value. It’s important you do not get taken for a ride by these shady dealers.

Other Sources
You can get details of gold coin dealers in specialist magazines from your local newspaper store.

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